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Trump Considering Kellyanne ‘Hatch Act Barbie’ Conway To Replace Mulvaney as Chief of Staff
P.T. Barnum never concocted a three ring extravaganza the likes of which we have in Washington right now. In the center ring, we have the impeachment inquiry, with all roads…

Trumpian parapraxis: his unhinged Obama hatred revealed itself
Trump had a “surprise” interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, and other than the usual disinformation there’s another utterance about what he’d really like to do to PBO. He…

Democrats' impeachment framework takes shape with Pelosi's 'fact sheet'
As House Democrats zero in on abuse of power as their main article of impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a "fact sheet" outlining Democrats' framework for explaining the impeachment case…

That Ain’t The Lunch Whistle You Hear.
You know, if you’re just a regular, garden variety congressional slob with an (R) after your name, right now you’ve got to be feeling like a passenger in Murder on the…

'What the Hell Is Wrong With You?': Outrage Erupts After Racist Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry 'A Lynching'
President Donald Trump took his hysterical response to House Democrats' impeachment inquiry to a new level Tuesday morning by calling the congressional proceedings "a lynching," a term that evokes the…

The New York Times somehow manages to disgrace itself even further
After the last rites are solemnly pronounced over what Americans once called “democracy,” the New York Times will undoubtedly be one of its chief pallbearers. Somehow the Editorial department at the Times…

CNN: Impeaching and Removing Trump jumps to 50%
A steady rise in sentiment for impeaching and removing Individual-1, as today marks the first day he has used “lynching” in a tweet.

William Taylor testifies before the House on another critical day for the impeachment inquiry
On Tuesday, the House impeachment inquiry will resume with testimony from U. S. charge d’affaires William Taylor. Since the removal of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in May, on the basis…

Putin and Erdogan Meet in Sochi, Russia to Discuss "Piece".
Biloxi Sun Herald “Russian President Vladimir Putin has sat down in Sochi with visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks on Syria. Putin welcomed the Turkish leader in the…

Trump’s Syria Blunder Will Be Costly To Fix.
These are idiots, when they put one foot forward, they literally have no idea what to do with the other one   Donald E Westlake   Drowned Hopes You know, since the…

Global Millionaires—Just 0.9 of Population—Now Own Nearly Half of World's $361 Trillion in Wealth, Study Shows
The millionaires of the world, who account for just 0.9 percent of the global population, now own nearly half of the planet's $361 trillion in wealth while the bottom 56…

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