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After flogging 'her emails' endlessly in '16, NYT puts news of Hillary's innocence on page 16
So, in case you missed it yesterday, Hillary Clinton has been cleared of all wrongdoing in the “big” email controversy that sent both right-wing propagandists and the mainstream media into…

Not Kidding: Hillary Clinton just cleared in emails case
“Investigation of Clinton emails ends, finding no 'deliberate mishandling'”, reports the Guardian. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I am shaking my head. The investigation, launched more than three years…

Meet the newest presidential scholar, a Newsmax contributor who writes self-help Illuminati books
A new Trump appointment to, and this is a real thing, the Commission on Presidential Scholars is raising some eyebrows today. You might have assumed that something called the Commission…

This is what Trump's Schoolyard Let them Fight-it-out, "clean out" -- Looks like in the real world
I hate reporting on stuff like this.  But, when stuck in Trumpland, all abuses of power are fair game.  Trump is busy making nice with Turkey’s President, using quaint imagery…

Trump tweets out support for 'ultimate solution' to Kurds after talking to Turkish autocrat Erdoğan
On Friday morning, Donald Trump was back on the phone to Recep Erdoğan. And this phone call seems to have been about as beneficial to regional peace and human life as…

It's starting to look like 'All Rudy Roads lead to Dmitry'
That would be Dmitry Firtash wanted on Bribery Charges in the USA. The wealthy Oligarch Firtash, along with his team of Lawyers, is still fighting his Extradition ruling in Austrian…

The Electoral College continues to be an archaic mess, by the way
The Electoral College method of electing presidents is an archaic relic of buggy-whip times and needs to be put out of its misery. We are now perfectly capable of counting every…

'A Real Movement Boost': Sam Waterston and Jane Fonda Among Those Arrested Demanding Green New Deal in DC
Actors and activists Sam Waterston and Jane Fonda were among those arrested outside the U.S. Capitol Friday as part of the #FireDrillFriday campaign demanding a Green New Deal and end…

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