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Trump administration official on Syria: 'This is total chaos'
Donald Trump's operating theory of government—chaos—is playing out with deadly consequences in Syria, following his surprise decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the area. With no advanced warning of that…

Trump Washes His Hands of Kurdish Dilemma by Inviting Napolean Bonaparte To Save The Day
If you are gobsmacked, along with the rest of the world, at how the past 72 hours have played out, with respect to the Middle East, you need to know…

Former U.S. general rages: 'There is blood on Trump's hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies'
Since Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from northern Syria, media outlets have turned to politicians and military strategists to break down exactly what it all means—and all of it…

Trump spends morning defending genocide, attacking critics, and plugging Dancing With The Stars
With the genocide of the United States’ longtime Kurdish allies well underway, and as the impeachment inquiry into his alleged quid pro quo offer to Ukraine chugging along, Donald Trump had a…

McConnell won't promise 'furious Republicans' a Turkey sanctions vote
While "furious Republicans" say they will rebuke Donald Trump over the Syria debacle, the one person with the power to allow or block that congressional rebuke remains relatively mum. Since…

Nancy Pelosi and Lindsey Graham Join Forces To ‘Overturn’ Trump’s ‘Dangerous Decision In Syria’
Well, that’s not a headline you’re going to see everyday, those two politicians going into the same fox hole together, but then we are not living in normal times. Here’s…

Trump conned stock traders ... again ... with his 'exaggerations' about China deal
Remember about a month and a half ago when Donald Trump claimed China had called his top negotiators and a trade deal was on its way?  I remember thinking you’d…

President Couch Potato cares more about Dancing with the Stars and his TV shows than you.
Donald J. Trump serves in the  most powerful executive job in the world. He helps define the US Military, putting Cadet Bonespurs at the top of the chain of command.…

Trump's scramble to pull back U.S. troops may allow dozens of 'high value' ISIS prisoners to escape
The Turkish invasion of northern Syria and subsequent Trump decision to cut and run from the area may now result in the escape of "about five dozen" previously captured high-value…

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