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Mike Pompeo was Glad to Be Out of D.C. - Then He Sat Down With Dogged Local Reporter Nancy Amons.
Mike Pompeo was having a great day in Nashville yesterday, speaking to his homies, a group of Christian counselors, and just glad to be out of D.C. on the day one…

Kamala Harris sizzles Donald Trump Jr: 'You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you'
Donald Trump Jr. attempted to slam California Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris on Friday night, sharing a clip of her laughing and purporting that her ability to laugh…

How the GOP Can Convict Trump without Voting Him Out
I just found this story in the Washingtonian via Political Wire: The Impeachment Loophole No One’s Talking About The gist of it is that, according to Lawrence Tribe, there is…

Trump faked an orgasm at campaign rally, because he's not an insult comic
Trump will make the nation go blue, if only because of his shtick, doing his insult-comic bit at the campaign rallies. The problem is that he truly believes that these…

Who's afraid of Donald Trump? No one. And for Trump, that's the real end game.
It’s hard to maintain innocence after starting off with a confession. With the not-a-transcript of the call between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky in one hand, and the whistleblower complaint…

Warren plays by Facebook's rules and buys ad claiming Zuckerberg endorsed Trump
Senator Elizabeth Warren isn’t shy when it comes to holding big tech accountable. The Democrat from Massachusetts and 2020 presidential hopeful already released a detailed plan to break up big…

America's National Parks could be one week away from handing campgrounds over to private companies
A reminder—if the hundreds of thousands of people now fleeing for their lives in Syria had not already made it clear—that even as he slides toward the gulf of impeachment,…

Republican senators not wowing the folks back home with their refusal to answer simple questions
A few Republican senators had very bad weeks back home due to their absolute refusal to answer a very simple question: Is it okay for a president to ask a foreign leader to produce…

'We Will Not Forget His Cruelty,' Declare Rights Advocates After DHS Chief Kevin McAleenan Resigns
After President Donald Trump announced on Friday night the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, immigrant rights advocates vowed that "we will not forget his cruelty."…

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