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David Farhenthold, a Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter at The Washington Post, tweeted out a list of “Galas Coming Back To Mar-a-Lago” showing seven more NOs. Some of the bailing organizations includeThe Salvation Army, Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Institute and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Here is Farhenthold’s tweeted list.

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Fahrenthold and Drew Harwell wrote the story up on WaPo. Here are some excerpts.

The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross and Susan G. Komen on Friday joined a growing exodus of organizations canceling plans to hold fundraising events at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, deepening the financial impact to President Trump’s private business amid furor over his comments on Charlottesville.

The cancellations do not only affect Trump financially.

“They also reveal a widening vulnerability for Trump, who, unlike past presidents, refused to divest from his business interests when he joined the White House.”

The Trump Organization was asked for a comment, but have not responded. Of course, they haven’t. What could Trump possibly say to cover his butt on this one? Is he going to close down the entire Mar-a-Lago resort to make it look like it was his idea to cancel the galas? 

We seem to be witnessing the beginning of the end for Trump and lately it’s happening faster than the media/press can keep up. And it’s a lovely thing to behold. Cheers to the millions who have come out over the last eight months to RESIST. We persisted. And we are winning this.

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