6 GOPers will say it: Terrorism, Nazism, Traitors. Why won’t Trump? UPDATE: DoJ/FBI open probe

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At least 6 GOP senators have slammed Donald Trump for his “both sides” statement on the riots in Charlottsville.  I will start with perhaps the most powerful, a personally signed statement by Senator Hatch of Utah 

We should call evil by its name. My brother didn't give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH

— Senator Hatch Office (@senorrinhatch) August 12, 2017


Other statements poured in, though without the personal touch of Hatch’s (though I admit, I like the tone of McCain’s statement): 

White supremacists aren't patriots, they're traitors- Americans must unite against hatred & bigotry #Charlottesville https://t.co/Zr1Jg9jBXu

— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) August 12, 2017


Mr. President – we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism. https://t.co/PaPNiPPAoW

— Cory Gardner (@SenCoryGardner) August 12, 2017


What " WhiteNatjonalist" are doing in Charlottesville is homegrown terrorism that can't be tolerated anymore that what Any extremist does

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) August 12, 2017


The tragedy in Charlottesville this afternoon was domestic terrorism. We must all condemn hatred and white nationalism.

— Rob Portman (@senrobportman) August 12, 2017


Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) August 12, 2017


As the Republican party rushes to distance themselves from this despicable ideology, there’s a question we all need to be asking: why is the White House defending the indefensible?

Ted Cruz has called for this to be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism by white supremacists.  

I urge the Department of Justice to immediately investigate and prosecute this grotesque act of domestic terrorism. pic.twitter.com/AwJLsfUEHl

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) August 13, 2017


JUST IN: AG Sessions says federal investigation opened into Charlottesville incident: "Justice will prevail.” https://t.co/ijzoqtGWuY pic.twitter.com/kRAoqJTUGF

— ABC News (@ABC) August 13, 2017


Also added Gardner in the interest of fairness as he was one of the first to respond.  I missed him b/c he wasn’t in the article at the top.

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