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The racist right is returning to the streets in what they hope will be a show of strength and solidarity this weekend in Tennessee. Southern Poverty Law Center:

The neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS) and its Nationalist Front (NF) allies are preparing to descend on Shelbyville, Tennessee, on the morning of October 28.

The event, billed as a “White Lives Matter” rally will be the NF’s first public appearance since the coalition orchestrated some of the worst acts of violence during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.

Brad Griffin — who writes under the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace” on his blog Occidental Dissent — qualified the LOS’s return in the event announcement, “We don’t want another Charlottesville.”

Griffin blamed the massive public reaction against Unite the Right on Charlottesville’s demographics and leadership, citing, “a Democrat governor, a Jewish mayor, a black city manager and a black police chief in a place that had proclaimed itself the ‘Capitol of the Resistance,’” as reasons for its failure.

The League of The South is a southern secessionist group which for years has called for a southern nation run by an “Anglo-Celtic” elite. Evangelical and senate hopeful Roy Moore is affiliated with these people. They are militant. They want to start a race war.

[League of The South President Michael] Hill laid out his own rationale, stating: “We’re going back there to say ‘Look, you do need to do something about this [immigrant population]. Your lives as white people, the lives of your children and grandchildren matter. You need to get these people out of here. They’re not civilization creators, they’re civilization destroyers, and they’re bringing in an alien religion that eventually when it gets strong enough will push you out and your people.’”

After a summer of simmering rage over confederate monuments and kneeling football players this is not an encouraging sign. It is, however, par for the course in the age of Trump.

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