‘There’s a medical center down here and everyone that was in the Intensive Care Unit died. Everyone’

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Abdallah Issa / Flickr

In better news, there’s progress:

As of Saturday morning, just over half of Puerto Rico’s gas stations had reopened, and Rossello said additional fuel will be arriving throughout next week.

Meanwhile, 51 of 69 hospitals are now open, with most running on diesel-powered generators. Only nine hospitals have electricity without a generator, according to Rossello… 

The U.S. military is conducting daily flights delivering food and water for up to 250,000 residents there, according to a press release from the U.S. Northern Command.

And pointlessness: 

President Donald Trump plans to make his first visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, after critics on both sides of the aisle accused his administration of a lackluster response to the catastrophic damage left by Maria.

Maybe they can find an unspoiled golf course.

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