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Donald Trump’s worst nightmare came true tonight. He opened the closet door, and Freddie Krueger sprang out, razor fingers swiping. Nah, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact of the affair, nothing to do with the payoff, and screw the threats to Daniels and her daughter. Stormy Daniels drove a stake through Count Trumpula’s heart, and she did it without even acknowledging the enormity of what she had just said. And it took less than 30 seconds:

Anderson Cooper: And you had sex with him.

Stormy Daniels: Yes.

Anderson Cooper: You were 27, he was 60. Were you physically attracted to him?

Stormy Daniels: No.

Anderson Cooper: Not at all?

Stormy Daniels: No.

Anderson Cooper: Did you want to have sex with him?

Stormy Daniels: No.

Look, let’s be honest here. Trump would fuck a knothole in a tree, but only because it had nice branches, and besides, she waved him over with them. Stormy Daniels did something worse than literally shooting him in the middle of Fifth Avenue. She shot him in the ego instead.

Let’s face it, at his core, Trump is nothing but an ego. His heart, lungs, and kidneys are nothing more than life support for his ego. After all, he makes the best deals, nobody but him can fix it, every lawyer in Washington wants to work for him. And while he only beds the most beautiful women in the world, he only does it because they want HIM!

At least Karen McDougal knew how to play the game. While she stabbed him with the claim/confirmation of an affair, she also had the good grace to make it appear that she was “into” him, that she fantasized about being the 4th Mrs. Trump. She gave the impression that she cherished their every moment together, and even cast doubt about the veracity or Stormy Daniels’ story, saying she was shocked, since she dominated his time while he was there. But not Stormy Daniels. Not even close.

Trump. Got. Played. Bigly. And even worse, he got played by a porn star! This is the real killer. She was supposed to be the one that he used for his own benefit, and not the other way around. She was supposed to desperate for his stubby putz, and thereby fulfill his neanderthal ego. Instead, she turned the tables on him, the calm, quiet, almost dismissive way she said “no,” like was Anderson Cooper insane? Thinking a 27-year-old porn star would find a chunky 60-year-old lecher in a suit a turn on?

Trump can call her a liar. He can bellow that it’s “fake news.” He can even keep up his moronic lawsuit for $20 million to assuage his battered pride. But now he knows. He knows it’s true. By the calm, dispassionate, almost dismissive way she assassinated his ego on national television, he knows she was telling the truth. He now knows once and for all that a lowly porn star hung him up as a trophy on her wall, and not the other way around.

Which begs the question, and Trump will ask himself this question, whether he wants to or not. What about all the rest of them? What about Karen McDougal? What about all the others, silently honoring their NDA’s and remaining hidden, at least for now. And worst of all, what about Melania? Not so much about whether or not they really found him attractive, he can con himself, at least as far as his followers are concerned. But how many more of them will step forward to confirm what Stormy Daniels said? How many more of them will show him for what he truly was, a sorry, shallow figure, desperate to show everybody in the world, and most of all himself, that his wealth and power made him attractive, and virile, and desired? Only to be exposed to the world as the world’s easiest mark.

When Stormy Daniels related the episode of swatting a BVD clad Trump in the ass with a rolled up magazine with his picture on the cover, that hurt Trump more than if she had literally used a turpentine dipped cat-o-nines. And the fact that she played him, and calmly laid him bare for the fool he is in front of the world, well, that lash will burn long after all the other blows have faded away. His voracious ego demands no less.

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    • Yes, but I fully expected that…Remember, both her and Karen McDougle have spent their adult life in front of cameras…If anybody should have the look and manner down pat, it would be them…But I was impressed that she held control, didn’t make wild accusations she couldn’t prove, or come across as bitter or vindictive…Well coached, and well executed…

      • She was likely advised by her attorney on what she shouldn’t say in regards to damaging her case, but I don’t think she was “coached,” which implies she was acting or someone put words in her mouth. I think she’s just a strong, intelligent, articulate, self-possessed woman who will not be bullied (or bullshitted) by anyone. In fact, Trump essentially said the same thing to her, when comparing her to Ivanka, but unlike Ivanka, Stormy seems genuine, not like she’s putting on a practiced, carefully refined and controlled facade.

        • No, “coached” was a bad choce of words on my part…My intention was exactly what you just put down, and that came out wrong…

    • The thing I felt most genuine and believable was when she shared her inner dialogue of the encounter: “And I thought, ugh, here we go…” THAT, to me, clinched her credibility. After all, how many of us have felt that way atbthe end of a date when we’re expected to “pay” for our dinner with sex? You go, Stormy. The Great Pretender, grabber-in-chief, taken down by a porn star – snd a WOMAN! Priceless!

  1. Poor Melania. The hurt must be enormously and extremely painful, considering how the whole affair came out in the public, rather then in privacy. IF she ever did or does love Donnie John, i feel so sorry for her.

    • You know what Bartley??? Even if she NEVER loved Dinky-Doo, I still fees dorry for her…Whatever her reasons and logic, somehow or other I highly doubt that public humiliation was in any of the clauses of the pre-nup she signed…

    • She’s a gold digger. No way she’s been oblivious to the endless pecadillos he’s engaged in throughout their marriage, & his philandering was well known by the world (he saw to that) for decades before. She deserves everything she gets, and then some.

  2. Im a 63 yr old Australian. Ive always been politically aware, here and around the world. Especially America. What the hell happened!!!. The Idiot in the white house, doesn’t respect America or Americans!!. The fool has no redeeming qualities at all. He’s a discusting pig.. unfortunately i dont think, the Rep or the Dems have the guts to remove him??. That in itself is a sad indictment of how low politics has sunk. In 2018 Americans seem to have been dumbed down to the degree, that they worship money and mindless drivel… good luck!!

    • In MY humble opinion, what happened is that BOTH parties screwed over the voters for so long that they were ready to take ANY chance to make a change, it couldn’t be worse than the status quo…Think peasants charging Verdailles with hows…A bitter lesson my friend…The Democrats have the will to impeach, but no the numbers, and at the moment it’s a bad tactical decision…Talking impeachment would rile apathetic Trump supporters who might well not show up to vote in the midterms to rally to his defense in November…If we take the House in November, you’ll see impeachment hearings start by mid next year…


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