I really do not recognize this country anymore.   I hate to be seen as a pearl clutcher  but today in 1963 was a horrific day.   It was the Kennedy Assassination.  Today  everyone is a target,   This is not hyperbole people, this is reality and a true reality check.   This may seem like a real downer post but I think it is looking at our situation and putting things in perspective of what is happening here and now.  I don’t know how we prepare but we have to realize the crazier the right winged media, the more dangerous our reality is.   

Now it seems, every day is a pretty horrific day.  There are shootings galore, the justice system gone off the rails, no accountability, no consequences and all in the middle of a Pandemic sweeping the world.  What do we tell our kids?  You might should stay away from a movie because people refuse to get vaccinated and you might get shot on top of that.  Don’t ask to go to the Christmas Parade, you might get run over by a maniac.   Don’t take a walk or jog if you are a POC because you might get hunted down and shot.  Don’t go to a concert, you might get trampled or shot or get covid.  Are these the things we have to tell our kids?  Seems like.

What do we say?  If you speak up, you might get shot?  You best just stay home and hope some nut with a gun doesn’t do a drive by shooting, so don’t go outside.   You can’t go shopping kiddo because someone might walk in with a gun and start shooting people.  Not to mention sneeze on you.   You might want to look over your shoulder due to the fact people may think you look different or act different…  WHAT IS HAPPENING here?

I lived through the sixities.  It was bad but this is a different kind of bad with so many bad things attributed to politics and craziness happening all at one time.   I don’t know how people think or even if they think anymore.  They sit and eat up propaganda like it was popcorn and with the gerrymandering and assault on voting rights, just how  much longer can POC be not just afraid of Jim Crow  but shot at will, much like the 50 and 60 lynchings?   There seems to be no accountability for violent behavior and we walk in constant anxiety unless drunk or pilled up.   The overdose rate was outrageous.  People have no value for human life and we don’t have enough institutions to uphold law along with our government on the edge of falling.    The moral folks have been deemed communists and thugs.  People in power posting videos of death to their co workers and enablers saying, “ That’s OK”.  REALLY?  Jan, 6th was just a tour….REALLY?  What is wrong with these people? Media bankrolling killers defense fund…..REALLY?

If the republicans and I think it is more like when they take over, our lives will change and not in a good way.  Women, OMG, expect to be put back in the kitchen.  POC, get your shoeshine kits and aprons ready and the LBGTQ community, get ready to find your old closet. The hate is real.  It has become a fixation and preached from the media to the majority of churches.

I hate to say this and I really do, but Democrats have terrible messaging and the wrong way right wing is winning.  The Pandemic is still lurking and rising and the violence is on the uptick from what was already a disgrace.

Who will run for President?  President Biden has some age on him and people have shown they are not willing to accept women as leaders.  President Biden has done amazing things with the trashed America he was left with, from the former guy.  What is wrong with these people of this country ?  What’s in the water ?  Are we living the Purge?   

2021 told 2020..hold my beer.  2022 I fear will say , “ Hold 2021’s and 2020’s beer, I’ll show you.  Where in the world do we go from this mess the former guy and his cult has created?  I just can’t be submissive, can’t move, and wondering about what we do when the gun loving, capitol traitors and Anti Americans waving flags take over this country?  What ?  Expect it, because I predict it is coming and then what?  Who will we be or what will our children and grandchildren have from all the violence and climate change.  Please tell me, what does a more perfect union will mean in 2022? 

I don’t know about you but I am a bit scared.  This is where we were then  and where we are  today on steroids.  I predicted Jan 6th would happen because I live in a red district of Florida and heard the talk.  I say DeSantis will try to be the next President and probably will if the house and Senate take over in 2022 so, we better come up with some good messaging and figure this out before we are trapped and can’t get out of this treasonous box.

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  1. I have anxiety from worrying about my grandchildren because the gqp has Ohio sown up and the people in their 30’s and 40’s are buying the propaganda spewed by fox news in my area. Too many of the people of that age group (my children’s age) are posting memes on facebook that proves they are brainwashed into believing the gqp talking points. When they realize they have been hoodwinked it will be too late to reverse the loss of our democracy.

  2. The thing that pisses me off is that they have some crap that says off year elections make the ruling party take a beating. Now why in the hell would you believe that. And why are you going to let it happen. Trump and company is all over the scene. There is enough rinos and democrats to trounce these comedians. They are the minority party in name and in numbers. Put on your big boy pants and go out and kick ass.


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