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The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates just keep kicking ass—kicking ass at policy, at calling out Republican damage, and, this week, at trolling a Breitbart reporter and talking about sports. But the news coverage of the primary is dominated by polls and stupid horse-race concerns, and that’s when the primary breaks through the Trump-storm, which is all too rare. So here’s one of the best things each of these candidates did this week.

Beto O’Rourke exited the race.

Pete Buttigieg released a criminal justice reform plan.

Kamala HarrisCory Booker, and Tom Steyer participated in the Justice Votes 2020 Town Hall, moderated by formerly incarcerated voters.

Elizabeth Warren told how she would pay for Medicare for All without a middle-class tax increase, so debate moderators are going to have to come up with a new terrible question.

Joe Biden made some commitments for a future Cabinet:

  • Secretary of Education will be an educator
  • EPA Administrator will know climate change is real
  • Attorney General will defend the Constitution, not the president

Bernie Sanders spoke at the J Street Conference about his Judaism, white nationalism, and more.

Amy Klobuchar campaigned to help win in Virginia on Tuesday.

Julián Castro spoke up for domestic workers affected by the Getty Fire in Los Angeles.

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