Last night, Brett Kavanaugh became a joke

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Brett Kavanaugh was brutally mocked on Twitter last night for going to a UB40 concert (Re-ed Re-ed Wi-i-i-i-i-ne …) and starting a bar fight in college with a guy he thought was the lead singer, who actually wasn’t and told Brett something along the lines of “Stop looking at me!”

Okay, it might have been more like the guy “aggressively asked him to stop.” ???? I swear, that was part of their statement defending themselves. Aggressively asked him to stop (looking at him).

Brett took offense (at the guy not being the UB40 lead singer?) and threw a beer at the guy, who took a swing at Brett and missed. Then Brett’s friend, former NBA player Chris Dudley, hit the not-lead-singer with a glass and sent the guy to the hospital.

Someone called the police, and Brett, the wimp, refused to say what, if anything, he threw at the guy, thereby avoiding taking responsibility for his actions.

Oh, and it looks like Brett, again, was drinking under age.

Last night, he became a joke.

(They were trending on Twitter for a while.)

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Dave Wolfie
Dave Wolfie

~ I am so very weary of throwing up in my mouth every time I see yet another pasty-faced lying republican white “heterosexual” christian” face on the news. And I am Caucasian. My guilt by association will only be assuaged when donthecon and his ilk and minions are out of D.C. and off of the payroll paid for by real working Americans. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

Alarmed American.
Alarmed American.

Of course, Brett Kavanaugh is a JOKE” After all, he’s backed by the “ JOKE” that lives in the White House, Right!