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Supreme Court nominee and likely drinking-problem sufferer Brett Kavanaugh made most of his Republican bones under Ken Starr. Starr ran the famously insane Clinton-Whitewater investigation that mostly just led to exposing Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, while creating conspiracy theories for the right wing in our country to marinate in for the next 30 years. President Bill Clinton was something of a dirtbag, but the men that went after him were real scum-of-the-earth types. Journalist David Greenberg put together a Twitter thread reminding everyone how terrible the Republican cabal in this country really is.


In his later years, Hyde was still a terrible person.

Oh, Newt. Remember Newt?


Here’s a picture of then Rep. Bob Livingston’s resignation on the floor of the House.

Dennis Hastert. That name rings a bell. Oh, right. He molested young boys and then was busted because of the paper trail his hush money left. The Republican Party didn’t remember to use that whole “Why didn’t they report it at the time?” shtick they’ve been running out for Kavanaugh.

If you want to read about how much of a dirtbag Ken Starr was during his Baylor University years, you can read my colleague Wagatwe Wanjuki’s diary about it here. You can read about his resignation here.

And now we are stuck with alleged sexual assault artist and definite liar, Brett Kavanaugh.

This isn’t six degrees of separation. Every one of these men is one degree of separation from the others and the Republican leadership.

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