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Harold Meyerson at The American Prospect writes—What Will the FBI Actually Investigate: As consequence of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake’s unexpected move Friday on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Pr*sident Trump has ordered the FBI to conduct an investigation into the regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual predation when he was a teenager:

… what will the scope of the investigation be? Will it concern only Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s charges in the narrowest sense, and therefore come back saying there’s no third-party confirmation for them? Will it talk to the other people in the house where the attempted rape happened that night? Will it go into such contextual matters as whether Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker, and abusive and out of control when drunk?

Whether it goes into such contextual matters is hugely important—because in his testimony Thursday, Kavanaugh asserted under oath that he wasn’t a heavy, abusive, out-of-control drinker. If the FBI reports that he was, then he lied to the committee. If the FBI is instructed not to seek such information and not to include it in its report, however, then the odds of his being confirmed would likely rise. If all the bureau comes back with is a report stating that Ford’s testimony as to what went on in the bedroom can’t be confirmed, the likelihood is that the swing voters—Maine’s Susan Collins, as well as Murkoswki, Flake, and Manchin—will likely take that as a clean bill of health and vote to confirm.



[The “Hon.” prefacing his name does not stand for “honest.”]

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