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Months ago, I wrote how the “pro-life” movement is really just a white supremacist movement led by men who were mad about women and people of color getting more rights. Abortion restrictions began when wealthy white men saw felt that “their” women were turning away from their true purpose of having more white babies.The white supremacists pretending to care about the sanctity of life have hidden their true agenda well and may soon control the majority of the Supreme Court.

White women have been a consistent ally to white men. Even with Trump’s personal record of treating women badly, a majority of white women still voted for him in 2016—yet the way the Republicans have treated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for saying SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her shows that it doesn’t mean anything to the white men in charge.

The behavior in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings made it clear that the Republican men believed women should stay in their place—that is, lesser than men. Dr. Ford has been treated like a nuisance to a political party that is interested in giving themselves even more power at any cost.

If they’re going to treat a white woman that they claim to believe this badly, imagine how screwed the rest of us are? Racism and sexism are inextricably intertwined. They cannot be separated. A white supremacist society is a patriarchal society where men have final say on everything.

The sooner that white women realize that their proximity to white men won’t save them and patriarchy will oppress them, too, the better we will all be.

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  1. Do you think women who voted for Trump really are reachable, after all they heard how he bragged about grabbing women and watched how he treats his former wives and present wives. These female supporters, and I call them that and not women, because a real woman would not tolerate Trump at all. These females are more into money and limelight than decency and intelligence.

  2. Robert Burnett, your choice to use ‘females’ rather than ‘women’ is right in alignment with my thinking. Where are their human hearts, never mind women’s hearts? Humans who treat other humans as ANYTHING less than human become non-human in my judgement. I do not know what to call that…and it feels like a what at that point, not a who. We relinquish our humanity when we choose not to acknowledge another’s humanity. So…keeping our hearts and minds open to their souls becomes exceedingly challenging for me.


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