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Sen. Cory Booker decided to simplify all of the Kavanaugh and Republican obfuscation during his five minutes of questioning at Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. He spent time making Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh clearly explain that the persecution of Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t Dr. Christine Ford’s fault—it was the Democratic political apparatus.

It was an important thing to separate for the world because Sen. Booker wanted to say one thing: so fucking what? What does it matter that Democratic senators are politically motivated? So fucking what? There are unbelievably serious charges being levied against Brett Kavanaugh, and regardless of how “political” you find the process of “politics” to be, those charges do not go away.

Sen Booker: She was not doing this for political effort in 2012 when she talked to her therapist about this attack. She was not coordinating about this painful experience when she made revelations to her husband. She did not coordinate in 2013, 2017—before you were nominated—that wasn’t coordination.

Kavanaugh: All the witnesses who were there say it didn’t happen. Ms. Keyser is her longtime friend, said she never saw me at a party with or without Dr. Ford.

Sen. Booker wasn’t about to let Kavanaugh’s stupid charade of incomplete quoting of witnesses stand.

Sen Booker:–and Ms. Keyser has said clearly, I’ll quote what she said, she said she does not remember the night in question—that supports what you said—but she also said she believes Dr. Ford.

Booker finished by saying that Kavanaugh’s bogus duplicitous stance—that Dr. Ford might be telling the truth, but she was also lying and it shouldn’t matter anyway because the Democrats want political power—didn’t negate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s truth.

Sen Booker: She is not a political pawn. She is not orchestrating. She is not part of the Clintons’ efforts to get some kind of revenge. She’s a woman who came here with corroborating evidence to tell her truth.

Kavanaugh: Is that a question?

Sen Booker: No, sir, it was a final statement.

Fuck you very much, Mr. Kavanaugh.


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