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My understanding is that Michael Avenatti is having Julie Swetnick take her case to the American people this weekend.  My understanding is also that it is 60 Minutes though I have not confirmed that.

Obviously this would be last ditch, or absent something revelatory, a long shot.  But when I say it is time for Avenatti, I don’t necessarily mean let’s all get on a 2020 bandwagon for him.  I mean it is time to fight.

Not lost on me was that when Senator Graham performed his grand theatrical act it was because he sensed weakness in the minority.  Their questions were of those kind that might have mattered years ago.  Be it Sens Feinstein or Whitehouse or Blumenthal, there was a clear trust in the process coming through in their approach.

They believed the truth would come out.  I think it did.  I think a DA got fired for doing her job.  Silly “female assistant”, how dare she actually try to uncover truth rather than marching lockstep towards injustice.  We know now an approximate date that likely matches the events Dr. Ford describes.  But it does not seem to make a difference.  Imagine now what it is like for #BlackLivesMatter to have on video numerous deaths at the hands of police and after showing the truth, being told it is not enough.

As a white man, without getting off subject, I truly did not get it until yesterday.  I cared, I always empathized, advocated, and defended equal justice.  But I didn’t get it.  Seeing my Wife cry, tears coming to my own eyes, then-then I got it.  I know this might be ranty, but-

When the rule of law fails, process is theatre.  When process becomes symbolic, our only option left is organized dissent.  We have to recognize at this moment in our nation’s history, that the notion of truth justice and the American way is benched, if it ever existed.  We have to decide how much is myth and how much is best intention and how much it matters.

A supposedly impartial and deliberative body orchestrated what they tried to make a dog and pony show and instead saw Multi-faceted Beauty and the Beast.  The Republicans will likely be absolutely electorally destroyed in the midterms, in what I suspect will be a turnout on our side similar to 2008.  I suspect many Republican women have jumped ship, and I feel the polls have no clue, none whatsoever, about the height of this tsunami.

But none of that matters in this moment.  In this moment, people hurt.  Women feel marginalized, abused, and meaningless.  In this moment we have as a nation abandoned decency in deference to power.  As the minority committee members spoke, fervently believing in what we all want-an America where law and evidence and fairness far supersede any partisan body of government you could see the ashen faces of people who realized that the America of statesmanship they grew up in was gone.  It was shock.  It was pain.  It was reality.

To all women I apologize for my gender.  I apologize for not paying enough attention.  I apologize for not listening.  I apologize for not getting it.  You see as a male I probably won’t be raped today.  I never realized that is my #Maleprivilege until I saw my own peers reflected in the ugliness that was the mirror of Judge Kavanaugh’s outburst.

And looking ahead, we face a massive threat if Dual Sovereignty is undermined.  This is perhaps the greatest risk to this representative republic since Pearl Harbor.  And so it falls on a sly, smart, handsome, balding, courageous, bombastic, perhaps even at times overzealous attorney to do for us, for women and for this nation, because it is much easier to rebuild a procedure than a country, what we should have done in 1998-

Fuck process.

“Let’s Go.”

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