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Joseph Morris / YouTube

He’s been trending #2 on Twitter just about all day. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham now seems even more obsessed with putting his party over the people of this country. Several weeks ago he was saying he’s not seen  ‘any evidence of collusion.”  This week he’s spewing sweat over the poor alleged sexual abuser/rapist Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Here’s a clip of Graham going askew in a video captured by NowThis on Thursday.

Here’s some of the reactions on Twitter…


It goes on. Here is the Twitter link:

So, Democrats should watch out for Republicans when when Dems have their next shot at a SCOTUS nominee. I say, go home, Lindsey. Take two words #MerrickGarland and go to bed. I’d say you’ll feel better in the morning—but you won’t.nd


And there it is.

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  1. He has become a Trump Tool..that makes him a total fool.
    If he thinks he is right and might that’s fine for him and his Orange Daddy, but he will face the real will of the people in short time.
    When he finds himself floating on a raft with his fat ego hero, he will be on his own. Good luck traitor-in-training!

  2. Interesting that Daily Beast or some other site mentioned that Graham just received a huge donation to his campaign ($600,000?), and suddenly became a screaming advocate for Trump and now Kavanaugh. And he wants the AG job when Sessions is fired. Isn’t this what politicians do? Give me money/job and I’ll do whatever you want – lie, commit treason, practice hypocrisy. They are disgusting, vile vermin. The system has to change. And only we voters can do it.


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