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Chuck Grassley introduced the hearing to vote on sending Brett Kavanaugh’s “only fair that his accuser had the burden of proof, which wasn’t met in my opinion.” He then—falsely—stated that witnesses had refuted Ford’s account.

But what Grassley said next defines the Republican strategy for Thursday, for Friday, and for every day going forward. Grassley stated that “Not one question to Dr. Ford was disrespectful in any way” while questions from Democrats to Kavanaugh were “unequivocally and universally hostile.”

That’s not just slanted, it’s an utter fiction. It’s a recounting of a hearing that never happened.

In the real hearing, Republicans ignored Ford, not asking her anything, while a state prosecutor picked away at her story. In the real hearing, Democrats asked Kavanaugh about matters related to the case and whether he would like to have the FBI involved in the investigation.

But what Grassley described was the story that Republicans have told, are telling, will tell. And unfortunately, it’s a story that will be repeated and accepted as if the real hearing on Thursday never occurred.

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