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Running a strip club doesn’t make you an immoral person. It doesn’t make you a hypocrite. In fact, in some respects, it makes you considerably more honest than Ohio businessman and Republican Rep. Jim Renacci. Renacci is running for incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown’s seat this November. Renacci is one of the wealthiest congressmen around—he’s received hundreds of thousands of dollars in likely fraudulent campaign donations—and expects very expensive accommodations wherever he goes. It’s why he gets along so swimmingly with the morally bankrupt president and vice president.

He’s ridden on Air Force One and Air Force Two so many times this year with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence he said he’s lost count.

“At least four or five times,” he offers.

He’s special that way. But when you can’t campaign on the taxpayer’s dollar, you need to find a wealthy friend to help keep you on private runways, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Renacci said he paid a total of only about $2,500 between January and June for the trips provided by Don Ksiezyk, who owns the Peek-A-Boo and the Bug-A-Boo clubs in Cleveland, according to campaign-finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Renacci, a four-term congressman from Wadsworth, is challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, in November.


That Renacci has a private pilot flying him around the state is in itself a bit of an anomaly, although it’s legal: Candidates have generally opted to drive or on occasion fly commercially. Brown, for example, is primarily driven between campaign stops. Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican who won re-election in 2016, criss-crossed the state primarily via bus. Portman’s Democratic opponent that year, former Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, also largely stuck to ground transportation.

But don’t think Rep. Renacci isn’t a moral man. He has a special faith. Here’s Rep. Jim Renacci talking about how special that faith is to him.

According to the Dispatch, Rep. Renacci has missed two roll-call votes while flying with Ksiezyk, and a spokesperson for Renacci refused to explain what Renacci and Ksiezyk’s relationship was. Rep. Renacci has been trying to both distance himself from and align himself with Trump this election cycle, trying to say that he’s the same in his business acumen, while promoting a more level-headed image.

He seems about the same to me.


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