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Yes, they are cowards.

Dr. Ford traveled to DC to give them her testimony in a Supreme Court nomination. She is relating a deeply traumatic incident that has impacted her life.

Republican Senators are sitting mute during the hearing, refusing to acknowledge her. Refusing to speak with her.

But they do feel free to tweet at her.

Dr. Ford is a private citizen who did not ask for this. She is showing immense courage in testifying.

Each of these 11 Republicans is a sitting US senator. Each of them is debasing his office, and abandoning duty. They are all cowards.

Hatch is the worst coward among them. He is sitting in a room with Dr. Ford. He was given five minutes to question Dr. Ford. He sat mute, refusing to address or acknowledge Dr. Ford. Ms. Mitchell is speaking for him.

But the coward is tweeting.

If he wants to question her about “PJ” or has something to day, why doesn’t he have the courtesy to address Dr. Ford directly?

Because he’s a f’ing coward hiding behind twitter.

A lot of  men feel this, I know I do.

The coward Lindsey Graham is telling reporters this:

I’m suspicious of this sitting US Senator who chose to hire a lawyer to ask his questions.

Did not think it was possible, but Lindsey Graham is taking us into circles of hell that I did not think existed:

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  1. These GOP SOB’s are the biggest waste this country has. They sit back on their high horse, thinking they are so wonderful, when in reality they are nothing but the crap you scrape off your shoe after stepping in it. I wish them all the worst that life has to offer. And Kavanaugh can go to hell.


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