New definition to Wikipedia ‘Devil’s Triangle’ entry added anonymously from House of Representatives

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Congress-edits on Twitter is a bot set up to alert and post changes, or “edits,” to Wikipedia entries. At around 2:18 PM PST, on Thursday Sept. 27, 2018, a change was made to the “Devil’s Triangle” entry on Wikipedia.

This entry was added to a listing of television shows with episodes titled “The Devil’s Triangle”:

“Devil’s Triangle”, a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of judge Brett Kavanaugh.

This comes a short while after Brett Kavanaugh testified that an entry into his yearbook page referring to “Devil’s Triangle” referred to an innocent drinking game. Of course, this also comes inside of the same testimony where Kavanaugh claims to maybe have imbibed a few too many beers once in a while. Whatever.

While no one I know have ever heard of this drinking game that is allegedly like “quarters,” Urban Dictionary has this definition:

A threesome with 1 woman and 2 men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality.

It’s good to know that our taxpayer money is being used on having whomever type propaganda updates into Wikipedia.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Congressional tRumpsters head down the rabbit hole once again!

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

ask Julian Assange