Kavanaugh’s summer 1982 calendar shows drinking at the center of his social life

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Brett Kavanaugh’s story about whether and how much he drank in high school has changed as people who knew him then and in college have chimed in to say that he definitely did drink. A lot. In the latest version of his story, his prepared testimony for Thursday’s hearing, he admits that he drank beer, and “Sometimes I had too many.” And, the AP writes, the pages Kavanaugh has released from his calendar of the summer of 1982, pages he released to show that he didn’t attempt to rape Christine Blasey Ford—because after all, he did not pencil in “attempted rape” on the calendar—give a window into his drinking-centered social life.

June 1982 was dominated, for Kavanaugh, by “BEACH WEEK” (caps and bolding his).

One classmate of Kavanaugh’s in the Georgetown Prep Class of 1983 said the calendar also details just how much time and attention was spent on heavy drinking, from the estates of suburban Washington to the beaches of the Maryland shore. The classmate said he saw Kavanaugh repeatedly during Beach Week. Whenever they met, the man said, Kavanaugh was drinking. But then again, so was everyone else.

“You didn’t show up without a six-pack or a keg,” said the classmate, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect his business and professional relationships within the Georgetown Prep community. “You consumed whatever was available, six-packs, kegs, gin, grain alcohol, you name it. You drank when you got up at 10 a.m. and you were drinking when you collapsed at 2 or 3 a.m.”

Then, in July, Kavanaugh noted “go to Timmy’s for skis,” short for “brewskis,” which is short for “I’m an insufferable bro talking about beer.”

Kavanaugh was a hard drinker as testified to by his high school classmates, his college classmates, his high school yearbook, his own calendar, and ultimately, after attempts to lie about it, his own words. We don’t know when—or whether—he stopped drinking heavily. And of course many men are capable of drinking without committing sexual assault. Multiple accusers say Kavanaugh is not, or was not, one of those men, which says more about him than it says about the “skis.” Republicans are determined to protect him from facing any consequences at all for that.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

And by some accounts, Kav was not a pleasant, affable drunk either. Hard to know what he might have been capable of during a black-out.