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Just thought you’d like some good news this eve ????

Writer/producer Jon Hotchkiss attended the Trump rally in Las Vegas on Sept. 20. For those not familiar with the name (I wasn’t), his Twitter handle is Flip the House and he has a website called, where he hosts shows including Be Less Stupid. His latest episode is less than five minutes long and compares venue sizes then and now, well worth the time!

I’ve been incredibly demoralized by (among many other things) learning how many of my fellow citizens ooze bigotry from their pores. Racism, sexism/misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and religious intolerance have seemed resurgent since 2016, only these days, the bigotry isn’t whispered, it’s marching in the streets. And I’ve been concerned that their numbers were increasing.

So it’s good to see that while the rabid still throng to see their leader, there are fewer of them. At least, fewer of them are willing to show their face in public ????

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  1. Maybe tRump will offer up some Vaudeville sideshows and free meals with his usual schtick to entice the crowds. Pathetic turnout for Vegas.


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