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Guardian News / YouTube

On Tuesday, the United States—and Donald Trump more specifically—took a hit when the United Nations General Assembly laughed at claims of greatness made by the president. This came during a clunker of a speech in which the Donald spoke of the neofascist bullshit he and his cohorts represent to the worldFox News didn’t want its fearless leader to look all red in the face—except he was very red in the face.

Call the Waahmmmmbulance, someone wants to cry!

And since Fox News is a propaganda mill for fascism, it did what propaganda machines do—it lied, cutting out footage of the roomful of world leaders laughing at Donald Trump’s claims of awesomeness.

The responses to Trump’s claims came fast and furious.

Maybe someday Fox News and Trump will become real boys and girls!

This tweet synthesizes all of our thoughts.

Trump and Fox News forgot to compare notes, as the white supremacist in chief decided to gaslight the world instead of pretending it didn’t happen.

The responses to this gaslighting attempt can be seen below.


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  1. While Fox News might edit their news broadcasts, they cannot edit the truth out of the public eye & the truth is undeniably what a BRAIN DEAD, SICK MINDED,d. trump has repeatedly Proven Himself To Be


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