Dallas police officer who killed innocent unarmed black man in his own home has been fired

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Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has officially fired Amber Guyger after the off-duty police officer entered neighbor Botham Jean’s apartment by mistake and fatally shot the unarmed man.

The news comes after a string of embarrassing and outrageous attempts by the Dallas Police Department to smear Botham Jean, publicly releasing details about the contents of his apartment  and items that were found during a questionable search warrant, most specifically the claim that Jean had a small amount of marijuana in his apartment. As if that were justification for Amber Guyger to burst into his apartment and fire two shots, killing Jean nearly instantly.

Amber Guyger was required to submit to a toxicology test to determine whether she was the one under the influence when she entered Jean’s apartment. Those results have not yet been made public.

Meanwhile, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has repeatedly backed Guyger and has tried to paint surging opponent Beto O’Rourke as being anti-police because O’Rourke has the gall to call for new policing methods and an end to unarmed and innocent black men and women dying at the hands of police.

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If she was not high, who knows what she would have done if there was a power failure in the building. They were smart to fire her, she should be on the ‘can’t buy a gun’ list too!


Her mug shot makes her look like she is either on something or hasn’t gotten sleep in months. Either one would make her unfit to police or carry a weapon.