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Hard to say for sure if Rosenstein is refusing to resign, but here is something interesting.

I’m hoping this is true. Speculating that Rosenstein refused to resign and White House is scared to out and out fire him.

Update #1

Looks like Trump lawyers are planning on Rosenstein being gone:

Trump Lawyers Demand Mueller Probe ‘Time Out’ if Rosenstein is Ousted


Update #2

Rosenstein to meet with Trump on Thursday:

Gee, why does Thursday sound sooooo familiar. Isn’t there something important happening on Thursday??


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  1. Anything they do in regards to Rosenstein will look bad… they could be twisted up in their shorts just before the elections.But the Trumpass is impulsive, and prone to act on the 3 am tweets, and have Sarah Huckadung give some half-ass explanation later that day.


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