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Today just go a WHOLE lot better.

Kansas State Senator Steve Fitzgerald (R — Crazytown) announced his retirement today.

Fitzgerald, best known for his incendiary remarks comparing Planned Parenthood to Nazis, his paranoid rantings about “the homosexual agenda,” his support of the anti-LGBT adoption discrimination bill, and his love for dictators, ran for Kansas’ Second Congressional District. He finished a distant fourth to Steve Watkins, a newly-minted Republican whose father is apparently trying to buy his son a Congressional seat.

Rachel Sweet, Regional Director of Public Policy and Organizing at Planned Parenthood Great Plains, spoke for all Kansans exhausted by Fitzgerald’s vindictive and bigoted behavior:

Steve Fitzgerald spent his state senate career spewing hateful rhetoric instead of advocating for his constituents. Kansans deserve better. We need politicians who will work to move the state forward—not divide and denigrate us.

Bye, Steve!

You won’t be missed.

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  1. Excellent news. I have corresponded with Fitzgerald before—he was my state senator—and he was unfailingly sarcastic and unpleasant with people holding views other than his own. Plus he’s a hateful racist. May his retirement find him in poor health.


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