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A Thursday date has has been agreed to by Grassley. Other details being ironed out. I suspect Dr. Ford will get most of what she is requesting, for the reasons listed below, except maybe the order of who goes first.

As someone who has negotiated hundreds of contracts over the years and consult with companies on language and messaging; I was surprised to see headlines on every major media site saying that Dr. Ford would be testifying next week.

What I gleaned from her attorney’s letter, the meta message, was this:

1. We don’t think you have been negotiating in good faith thus far.

2. We would like to come to testify, therefore we will give you another shot at presenting terms that are fair.

3. If not we are prepared to get her story out without your involvement.

What this signaled is that Dr. Ford and her attorney Debra Katz are willing to cut bait with the Judiciary Committee If necessary. They are telling them “we actually have the better cards” in lawyer code language. If they were to overtly threaten in a public forum then the other side is more likely to dig in.

Maybe the media missed this subtle message, but I would wager Senate Republicans, the White House and Judge Kavanaugh heard it loud and clear.

Republicans are stuck right now with few good options. They need Kavanaugh to give a winning performance to have any chance of some kind of neutral outcome which is the best they can hope for at this point. That can’t happen without a hearing.

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  1. It is amazing how aggressive the republican is to minimize the occurrence of attempted rape. It is even more disturbing to see how the republican party is OK with an admitted sexual predator nominating another sexual predator for a seat on the bench of the highest court in the land. Republicans seem to admire this characteristic in their elected officials and they are not the least bit hesitant to fiercely defend these types of people. Is this indicative of what the republican party truly stands for? No wonder why the democrats are truly done with the entire lot of them. How much more unsavory and corrupt leadership does this nation have to endure at the hands of Trumps party? I think that as the door remains open for Dr. Ford to press formal charges in Maryland against this nominee, she should do so before she testifies before congress. I would think that the majority of Americans would be hard pressed to openly ignore the criminal element attached to Kavanaugh as the public opinion of Kavanaugh continues to plummet. She has nothing to lose and it would certainly illuminate the earnestness of her resolve to bring this covert and sublime criminal to justice. She has a voice and she needs to exercise that voice resoundingly and by any means necessary. I am just as surprised at the lengths to which the republicans are willing to go to announce that they have already made up their minds about this matter and that a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee is nothing more than a side show, with no genuine intention to get at the truth. It truly is a sad day in American politics when Republicans so vigorously enforce their corrupt brand of politics upon the American people. And they are actually proud of their stance in this terrible situation. Unfortunately, the only way to quell this increasingly corrosive element that personifies the spirit of corruption in our government is to get out and vote. Republicans have quite the stranglehold on the American people and only a scant few Americans are even able to see it. The complacency of the leading Democrats and the complicity of the Republican elected officials translates to a nation that is ruled by tyranny that is bolstered by willful inaction. In short the country is being held hostage by Trump and republicans are too self absorbed to acknowledge it or to take any action to halt it. After I finish the book “Trump Legacy of Lies”, I will write a book called American Tragedy – The Fall of a Great Nation! What a gripping story it will be!!!


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