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Adam Jentleson was Harry Reid’s Deputy Chief-of-Staff.


This strikes me as correct.

Not only because Jentleson is in a position to know, but because the GOP reaction to Ford, from the Whelan goat rodeo to Trump’s Tweet are all out of proportion to what they claim is a “distraction” and a “hiccup”.

If Ford walks into that hearing and is sympathetic and credible, and Kavanaugh performs as we know he will, it will be suicide for several GOP Senators to vote him through.

They will try everything they can to prevent it.

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  1. “They will try everything they can to prevent it (Ford’s testimony).” No doubt that even includes hired enforcers and hit men, the “All american, family values” way.

    • And even worse in this instance, traitorous hit women machine gunning her with allegations, err…”helpful questions”. More like an inquisition.


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