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There are a number of tweets stating that the National Review’s Ed Whelan might be part of a coordinated effort to disinform the public, and perhaps accuse an innocent man of a crime to ensure the nomination of a SCOTUS justice.

Thus triggered all manner of Scooby-doo speculation. Are there no coincidences?

Then Orrin Hatch in an interview refers to Ford being “mixed-up”, some now connect this comment to what now seems to be a coordinated disinformation effort by a staff member (deputy chief of staff) of someone on the Judiciary Committee.

Whitlock’s deleting then restoring his tweets seems coincidental… maybe.

Now one might ask: What did Hatch (or his staff) know and when did they know it.


Chris Garrett then gets put in the frame by Sideshow Ed’s massive Google Maps and Zillow tweet thread, and the questions begin about who knew about this frame-up.

FBI should (or “wouldn’t”) have an interesting conversation with Matt Whitlock about why he bothered to delete his reference to Sideshow Ed. Keyword here is “unrelated”.

Ruh-Roh… MSM’s gonna ask Hatch what he knew about the frame-up plan.

More interesting is who’s setting up whom.


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