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@mrddmia / Twitter

Overnight, Mike Davis, a Senate staffer for Republican Chuck Grassley, made it clear that Republicans were standing by with thumbscrews for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and intended to clear Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh no matter what they heard.

Then Davis locked down his Twitter account. And when it opened for business again—poof—those tweets were gone. But now Davis—that would be Mike Davis Chief Counsel for Nominations, United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary—is back again, to explain why he’s working so hard to hide a statement he blared out to his Twitter followers.

As happens so often, Republicans don’t like seeing their own statements repeated. It doesn’t take “misinterpretation” to get at what Davis was saying. It doesn’t take a slanted view of the news. It just takes repeating his own words. That’s why he buried them.

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