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The charming folks of right-wing social media have predictably swung into gear to defame and smear Christine Blasey Ford for daring to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And as usual on the right, when the truth won’t do, lies are the solution. The New York Times has debunked five of the worst smears against Ford:

  • No, Ford didn’t have reviews describing her as “unprofessional.” Those reviews were of a different woman at a different school with a similar name.
  • No, Kavanaugh’s mother, a district court judge, didn’t rule against Ford’s parents in a foreclosure case. In fact, they settled with their bank, she allowed the case to be dismissed, and they kept their home. They may not ever have even been in her courtroom.
  • No, Ford did not write a similar letter accusing Neil Gorsuch of sexual assault during his confirmation.
  • Okay … Ford went to a women’s march and has given some very small-dollar donations to Democratic candidates and organizations. But the picture circulating of her supposedly holding a sign saying “not my president” at a women’s march is actually a picture of an entirely different person.
  • No, Ford’s brother didn’t work at a law firm that hired Russia dossier firm Fusion GPS on a Russia-related case … or at least, he hadn’t worked at that law firm for more than a decade before the 2016 elections. Ford’s brother worked at BakerHostetler, leaving in 2004. Years later, they hired Fusion GPS for a Russia-related case. Years after that, Fusion GPS researched Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. So suspicious, right?

Lies, lies, lies, all to smear a victim of sexual assault for daring to tell her story. It’s the Republican way.


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