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Why are Donald Trump and Senate Republicans blocking an FBI investigation of the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Former White House associate counsel Sarah Baker has a simple answer on that one: “The only reason you don’t ask is if you don’t want the answer.”

But Republicans don’t want the answer, as they’ve made repeatedly clear, from their smears of Christine Blasey Ford to their lies about this not being something the FBI would investigate if asked to (which is, again, false) to their insistence on putting Ford at the same table with the man she’d be describing violently assaulting her.

An FBI investigation would mean a significant loss of privacy for Ford, but she’s still calling for it, while Trump, who would need to request the investigation, refuses. Even if Republicans are insistent on sticking to a Monday hearing, though, there’s still time for an investigation:

“They could assign 100 agents to this and be done in two days,” said Tom Fuentes, a former FBI assistant director who once led its organized crime program. 

An investigation of something that happened 35 years ago might well be inconclusive … yet Trump and Republicans are clearly terrified of what it would find. At some point you have to figure they have a reason for that.

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