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Brett Kavanaugh has stated that he was never at the party where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford says she was sexually assaulted. It’s weird that he can’t recall whether he had a conversation with anyone at the law firm representing Donald Trump in the criminal investigation, and yet he can definitively say that he wasn’t at that high school party. Huh.

Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director for The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative organization funded by dark money that is spending millions to promote conservative extremist judges like Brett Kavanaugh, says that what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has described, that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge locked her in a room, turned up a stereo to drown out her protests, groped her, and tried to take off her bathing suit and that she feared for her life when Kavanaugh put his hand over her mouth to cover her protests, even if all that were true, it was merely “rough horseplay.”

So, he definitely wasn’t at the party, but even if he were, this was “rough horseplay.” Because 15-year-old girls love “rough horseplay” with two drunk 17-year-old dudes.


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  1. So an attempted rape becomes a hit & run? Or just a ‘whoops!’..if it was one of their daughters they would be in the streets screaming for justice!

  2. What kind of ignorant moron would state something like that?

    What happened to Dr. Ford was assault and attempted rape, maybe even kidnapping too. Took her to a room, locked the door to prevent her leaving, held a hand over her mouth to prevent screaming for help, drowned out any noise with music, tried to take her clothes off. What part of that is horseplay? Actually, it sounds more like he was experienced at it! Like he had done it before!

    Severino needs to pull her head out of her ass, she’s full of shit!


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