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Former White House photographer for President Barack Obama, Peter Souza has done yeoman’s work of trolling our current administration. Souza has spent the last two years giving a visual critique of our current corrupt and incompetent government by using his photographs of the previous administration in juxtaposition. On Wednesday, Souza decided to drop this gem on Instagram, keeping with the current SCOTUS debacle and the Republican Party’s grotesque handling of it all. 

Attention Mr. Grassley, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Corker, Mr. Graham, Mr. Cornyn and Mr. 46 minus 1: this is Mr. Merrick Garland. Remember him. You held his Supreme Court nomination open for 293 days without a single hearing. During those 293 days, no one came forward with a shred of evidence about anything that would disqualify him. You just didn’t schedule a hearing or vote for purely political reasons. There is now a credible rape allegation against your Court nominee. For a lifetime appointment. Whose nomination has been open only for 71 days. And your plan is to rush a vote on his nomination without an FBI investigation into a sexual assault he may have committed? Because 46 minus 1 says about the FBI, “this is not their thing.” The “I” in FBI stands for “investigation.” Even I (and everyone that works at the White House) had two FBI investigations into my background as the White House photographer, though I had never committed a crime. So you don’t want the FBI to investigate someone for the Supreme Court about a rape allegation? Please explain.


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