Trump hit by massive hurricane—named Maria. Now tweeting death toll denial.

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It’s tragic that it has taken egomaniacal idiocy and lies from Donald Trump to put Puerto Rico back in the headlines — only a week away from the anniversary of Hurricane Maria slamming into the island. The mainstream media, which also fell down on its job as Trump and FEMA got away with murder during Maria’s aftermath — is finally calling him on the carpet.

This blatantly dishonest blather from the Buffoon-in-Chief has stirred up a shitstorm that is not named Florence.

Update: He is now tweeting death toll denial (hat tip to DiesIrae who just saw this)


In case you missed his remarks:


A week ago — I could barely scrounge up a handful of Puerto Rico stories and headlines for my daily Puerto Rico Twitter Roundup.

Today — I found a lot to share:

Trump’s FEMA throws 1000 sick and elderly Puerto Rican hurricane victims into the streets



Please post any other tweets, stories you find to comments.

Thank you and lets keep spreading the word.


Update 2. Twitter Responds to death toll and conspiracy lies from Trump

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Trump is such a delusional moron. He is a disgusting human being. I am so sick of hearing all his lies. When is he going to be thrown out of office. He is ruining this nation. We need someone that we can look up to, not this idiot.