Miami Dolphins Receivers Kneel Before Game 1, Visit Troops in Hospital After.

ESPN / YouTube Miami Dolphins could suspend players up...
ESPN / YouTube

So, Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Still and Albert Wilson took a knee before last Sunday’s game…

…and the usual RW fuckery and drumpf fluffing ensues….

But these protests are about the systematic brutality employed against black men in this country and there is nothing disgraceful about highlighting that issue.

Critics of the players always trot out the tired and debunked meme that the players are disrespecting the troops.

But Kenny and Albert have photos:

Tuesday at a Veteran hospital:

And at least one Republican was honest enough to point out what they are really about….

And, oh yeah, Kenny still found time to play a little football:

Wingnuts really need to STFU about what better men then themselves choose to do pre-game.

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Belinda Lovins
Belinda Lovins

Yes PEACEFUL PROTEST!By someone who is RICH! WOW! Thank you my friend!!