USA TODAY / YouTube Hacked road signs call Trump ...


Massive Trump was PUT IN sign over Hwy 99
Another view — It’s a work of art I tell ya! It’s a Goddam Work of ART!

Are you on Twitter? Follow this guy — he’s brilliant.

Your Vote is Your Weapon sign over I-10

And this guy too — he’s probably done two dozen signs by now.

Donny you're out of your element sign over I-25
If you don’t get the reference, see “The Big Lebowski”

Denver signs brought to you by The Denver Sign Crew

Save our country save our planet VOTE THEM OUT sign on overpass.
Portland and Vancouver signs brought to you by a female attorney who wishes to remain anonymous.

How to Make Signs.

GOP When did $ become your God? sign by I-205.
Trump is a Traitor sign next to I-25

Colorado Springs signs courtesy of @sophiesno1

Russian Yies sign over Highway
Put up in the morning, I was painting with this guy when his son texted him in the late afternoon “Just saw your sign!”
Conman. Criminal. President. sign over I-15
The woman who did this has done a half dozen or so so far.
Do Not Obey in Advance Sign over I-5

This is from @Thorbites (100+ signs in the last 2 years)— I may have posted it before but it’s important. “Do Not Obey in Advance” is the First and most important chapter in “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder. I think the reason signs like this are exceptional when they should be the norm has to do with its being a social aberration and people thinking it’s illegal when it’s not. I’ve put up and photographed 7,486 signs on freeways now (since 2003) and law enforcement’s had plenty of opportunities to put a stop to my antics. The reason they don’t is because they know it’s my right to do it and that any attempt at prosecution would be a waste of time and money. (Of course I have the privilege of being white and living on the west coast, lowering my chances of being punished by authorities in some extra-judicial fashion substantially.) I wish I had the resources to better organize, hire lawyers to write briefs, etc. but I don’t. So until someone who does swoops in and saves me by  taking this off my hands, I’ll continue to do what I can to assuage any fears you might have. Our nation needs to hear more from its people and less from its moneyed interests, and y’all are missing out on a hell of a lot of fun.

Basic Rules for Open Carrying the First Amendment

Lock Him Up sign over I-25
TRE45ON sign over Hwy 99
Trump is a Traitor sign by freeway
Pendejo Poster over Hwy 99
Created with Adobe Acrobat Tile Mode: Borders cut off and pages attached to Tyvek with spray adhesive.
Chinga La Migra sign over I-25
The GOP is Complicit sign on overpass

Dirk Calloway… Our Man in Detroit

No Scotus for Criminal Potus sign over I-10
Russia Owns Trump sign by freeway
One Race Human Race sign next to I-5
Spot next to I-5, almost impossible to reach from roadway — found using Google Earth.
Treason Matters banner over Hwy
Duct tape on tarp. Not recommended, but this is about as good a job as I’ve seen using those materials.
God Bless the FBI and CalFire sign over Hwy 99
Brilliant — Cisco Kid again — Everybody’s cool with overpass banners thanking firefighters out here, this was just taking it a step further. Up for several days.
Hey Trump Leave those kids alone sign over Fwy.
I had the pleasure of visiting with the Denver Sign Crew — a half dozen women who found my site and just started doing it.
TRE45ON sign over I-25
Trump = Traitor sign over I-5
God Bless the FBI banner.
Impeach Putin's Bitch sign over I-10
Overpass brigade with Trump=Traitor banner
I think this is an Indivisible group. If only they were divisible… they could cover the whole state.

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