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Trump only hires the best. The best, I tell ya!

In this particular case he has nominated a  judge who has been accused of sexual misconduct by a woman from his past.  Diane Feinstein has already referred the letter from the accuser to the FBI.  The accuser has retained a lawyer going forward.

Trump definitely has an eye for talent. Don’t you think?  He hires people who are just like him. Racists, liars, sexual abusers, and all other kinds of very fine, upstanding members of our society.

Chuck Grassley has been informed of the letter. He intends to move forward with the confirmation hearing despite it all.

Personally, I think that this letter should derail Kavanaugh’s chances for being seated on the supreme court.  It would not be a good look. To have a man, who is currently engaged in a court case concerning his aberrant sexual behavior,  serve on the highest court in the land, especially in the current era that we have found ourselves,  is untenable to say the least.  That is just me.…

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  1. With all this unbelievable shit going on, how come no one can do anything but howl from the sidelines? Where is the DOJ? Where are all the Ethics watchdogs? Why is everyone helpless while the GOP traitors do whatever they want? After Trump, our whole system of government has to be rewritten so this can never happen again. I don’t mind reading about Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy or Stalin-era Russia, but I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IT!!! This is fucking war!

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