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Campaign Slotkin for Congress / YouTube

Meet Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst who served in three tours in Iraq and is running in Michigan’s 8th District, located in the suburbs of Detroit. She served under both former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. She is so well-regarded by politicians from both parties that this Democrat has earned public endorsements from several high-ranking national security experts, including high-profile Republicans. From the Detroit News:

A former defense official in the Obama administration, Slotkin received endorsements from former Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel; the first-ever national intelligence director, John Negroponte; and Stephen Hadley, national security adviser under President George W. Bush — all Republicans who praised Slotkin’s service to the country.

Slotkin also got the endorsement of Lt. Gen. Doug Lute, former deputy national security adviser for Iraq and Afghanistan and former U.S. permanent representative to NATO, who said he hired Slotkin to work for Bush’s White House in 2007.

But it is Slotkin’s latest ad that is making waves and drawing attention. In it, she details what prompted her to run: watching her congressman, Rep. Mike Bishop, smile and laugh with Donald Trump as he stood on the lawn of the White House to celebrate his vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, thereby voting to take away pre-existing condition protections from an estimated 130 million people.

That vote and Bishop’s subsequent callous cackling hit Slotkin hard. She watched her mother, already a breast cancer survivor, get laid off and lose her health insurance because she was unable to afford the premiums. She was subsequently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a silent, often deadly cancer that has few symptoms until it becomes advanced. Watch Elissa Slotkin tell her story in the fantastic ad below:

If you aren’t already impressed, check out her introductory ad outlining her impressive CIA resume and her service in the Middle East.

Turns out, Rep. Bishop has been trying to cover his tracks when it comes to his health care vote.

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