“Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it.”

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Only the blind led the blind in Trump Tower, especially in June 2016. But more interesting is Barbara Res telling stories about her former boss, challenging the notion of the “adults in the room” and their agendas.

Trump looked at the panels where the buttons you push to reach a floor were located. He noticed that next to each number were some little dots.

“What’s this?” Trump asked.

“Braille,” the architect replied.

Trump told the architect to take it off, get rid of it.

“We can’t,” the architect said, “It’s the law.”

“Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it,” Trump yelled back, calling him weak.

The more the architect protested, the angrier Trump got. Donald liked to pick on this guy. As a general rule, Trump thought architects and engineers were weak as compared to construction people. And he loved to torment weak people.

But did he think the architect would remove the Braille from the panels? Never.


Trump is really not all that different now, but the stakes are higher. And there aren’t many order refusers anymore either. Off the record, staffers tell reporters that Trump is out of control.


When you finally get to the end of Fear, you truly realize the only thing you have to fear is fear itself, since the last chapter demonstrates that Trump is really a “fucking liar”.

The real problems are all these GOP enablers who also need to go.

More importantly is that the chapter’s source, probably John Dowd, has not yet denounced Bob Woodward in terms of specifics, although he has said there are “misrepresentations”.

Woodward probably didn’t ask about or couldn’t use Dowd’s claim that he was the author of this Trump tweet, since he’s left this to Mueller:

  • The tweet seemed to indicate that Trump was aware, when he fired former national security adviser Michael Flynn in February, that Flynn had lied to the FBI about his Russian contacts.
  • If true, the revelation could dramatically bolster the obstruction-of-justice case the special counsel is building against Trump.

 If Trump knew that Flynn was in the FBI’s crosshairs when he asked former FBI Director James Comey — whom he later fired — to consider “letting Flynn go” the day after Flynn resigned, that could bolster the obstruction case federal prosecutors are building against Trump.




Dowd drew criticism after he claimed that he drafted the tweet. Former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter said that Dowd should be disbarred for incriminating his own client.

Walter Shaub, former Director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics , doubted that Dowd truly wrote the tweet, noting the phrasing, which said “pled” instead of the correct term, “pleaded.”

Shaub later said that Dowd’s reason for posting the tweet makes no sense, prompting him to ask, “Why would you write the tweet then, Dowd? Or did you?”

It’s a fair question, but my guess is that Dowd was lobbing a Hail Mary to save his client. While it may not make a ton of sense, and certainly doesn’t make Dowd look good, there could be a method to the madness.


NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 08: Raj Rajaratnam's attorney John Dowd exits the Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse March 8, 2011 in New York City. It was the first day of Rajaratnam's insider-trading trial where he is facing allegations of pocketing $45 million by illegally trading on insider stock tips. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

“I have not read Bob Woodward’s book, which appears to be the most recent in an endless cycle of accusations and misrepresentations based on anonymous statements from unknown malcontents. www.washingtontimes.com/…

We all need to speak Parseltongue if we’ve elected a snake, but the snakiest act was that the anonymous NY Times op-ed, is now more obviously a stunt designed to keep him in power.

…The thing about autocracies, or budding autocracies, is that they present citizens with only bad choices. At a certain point, one has to stop trying to find the right solution and has to look, instead, for a course of action that avoids complicity. By publishing the anonymous Op-Ed, the Times became complicit in its own corruption.

The way in which the news media are being corrupted—even an outlet like the Times, which continues to publish remarkable investigative work throughout this era—is one of the most insidious, pronounced, and likely long-lasting effects of the Trump Administration. The media are being corrupted every time they engage with a nonsensical, false, or hateful Trump tweet (although not engaging with these tweets is not an option). They are being corrupted every time journalists act polite while the President, his press secretary, or other Administration officials lie to them. They are being corrupted every time a Trumpian lie is referred to as a “falsehood,” a “factually incorrect statement,” or as anything other than a lie. They are being corrupted every time journalists allow the Administration to frame an issue, like when they engage in a discussion about whether the separation of children from their parents at the border is an effective deterrent against illegal immigration. They are being corrupted every time they use the phrase “illegal immigration.”

Even the so-called Deep State needs its media. “To date, nearly all of the “fake news” leaks that have so irritated Trump have subsequently proven to be true….It is a delicious irony to think that the hated deep state and the detested media will save our democracy. Those who believe otherwise do not understand our country.”

Woodward called it “a nervous breakdown of the executive power of the most powerful country in the world,” and said the White House staff joined together to “purposefully block some of what they believed were the president’s most dangerous impulses.”

Another example of this, according to Woodward, occurred when images surfaced showing Syrian President Bashar Al Assad had launched a chemical attack on unarmed civilians. Woodward said there was a moment where the president called Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and said, according to Woodward, “Let’s ——- kill him!… Let’s go in. Let’s kill the ——- lot of them.”

“It was kind of, ‘Let’s get the —-er,’ and he wanted him killed,” Woodward said. “And Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, former general, was very deferential, ‘We’ll get right on it.’ And then he turned to an aide and said, ‘We’re not going to do that. We’re going to come up with more reasonable measured options.'”


“Basic economics, the president does not comprehend,” Woodward continued. “And there’s scenes in the book where they are trying to point out to him that 99.9 percent of the economists don’t worry about trade deficits with individual countries… And they ask him where he got these ideas. He said, ‘I’ve had these ideas for 30 years.'”


The thing is, one can and should evolve and learn. Trump is quite confident in his ignorance, much to our dismay.


Although the audio portion of the clip really does feature Donald Trump, this video is often shared with misinformation about its origins.

First, “The Snake” was not written by Donald Trump, nor was it written specifically about Syrian refugees. The song was penned by Chicago poet, singer, and “Grandpap of Rap” Oscar Brown Jr., and it was based an Aesop fable titled “The Farmer and the Viper”:

While some may see “The Snake” as a particularly apt song to describe the refugee crisis, Oscar Brown Jr.’s family disagreed. Brown’s daughter Maggie told the Chicago Tribune that she wanted Trump to stop using the poem, while Brown’s grandson suggested that Trump read some more of Oscar Brown Jr.’s poetry — specifically “Debris,” about the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

“So efforts to terrorize terror / Just guarantee terror no end / A violent response is in error / For violence then will extend.”


Three new polls this morning confirm that this anti-Trump backlash is running strong, with less than two months to go until the midterm elections:

  • new Quinnipiac University poll finds that Democrats have opened up a 14-point lead in the battle for the House, 52-38. Voters want Congress to be more of a check on Trump by 58 percent to 27 percent.
  • new CNN poll finds that Americans approve of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation by 50-38, a new high in CNN polling. By 61-33, Americans say it is examining a “serious matter that should be fully investigated,” as opposed to the “witch hunt” that Trump rage-tweeted about again this morning.
  • new NPR-Marist poll finds that Democrats lead by 12 points in the battle for the House, 50-38. Trump’s approval is at 39-52, making this the fifthrecent poll to put Trump below 40 percent.

Crucially, these polls all dovetail with the basic story we’ve seen throughout this cycle, which is that Trump has provoked a backlash among minorities, young people and college-educated and suburban whites, especially women — and even seemingly among independents — that has powered Democratic victories in unlikely places. The new polling finds the backlash is running strong among these groups right now:


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