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One of the characteristics of sociopaths is that what we consider “normal” human emotions are alien to them. They don’t know how to act in certain situations where certain norms are expected.

For someone wholly bereft of any sense of human empathy towards others, trying to compensate for that fact more often than not results in painfully, visibly inappropriate behavior in social settings.

The person currently occupying our country’s Oval Office is no exception.

As the world remembers the thousands of people who lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center, President Trump flew to Johnstown, Pennsylvania with Melania this morning to attend a memorial event. But his perplexing facial expression and his choice to pump both fists in the air on the runway were an odd choice for such a solemn occasion.

It’s not clear what Trump was celebrating as he landed in Johnstown to visit Shanksville, where the shards of Flight 93 and its 40 victims who died on September 11th came to rest. But the prevailing view is that he was celebrating…himself.


For someone whose initial reaction to 9/11 was to boast that he now owned the “tallest building in Lower Manhattan” such a reaction was not entirely unexpected. Still many still found it amazing how Trump managed to plumb the depths of his own boundless depravity today.

“This is not an exclamation point day. This is not a fist pump day,” wrote one tweeter. “You sully the solemnity of this day. History will not be kind to you.”

“Today we get a fist pump because Trump thinks ppl are there for him,” said another critic. “What a rabbit hole we have gone down. Anyone that thinks this gesture doesn’t show exactly who Trump really is, think again.”

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