Senator Kamala Harris Knows Something About Kavanaugh; She May be Planning to Spring the Trap

C-SPAN / YouTube Exchange between Sen Harris and Judge...
C-SPAN / YouTube

Today’s supreme court hearing was somewhat eventful.  Kavanaugh was placed under extreme scrutiny by a number of democrat senators today. Diane Feinstein asked the illegitimate supreme court nominee his thoughts on the legality of  Roe v. Wade, Cory Booker quizzed Kavanaugh about his views on affirmative action, Patrick Leahy seemed confident that he had caught Kavanaugh in a lie. In fact, it was Leahy, the elder senator from the state of Vermont, who received the lions share of coverage today from professional and amateur reporters alike.   But perhaps we should be all be diverting  more of our attention over to Senator Kamala Harris:

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings dragged on endlessly today, and aside from a few exciting outbursts from protestors, not much happened. But an exchange between Senator Kamala Harris and Kavanaugh brought some real tension to the proceedings.

My word. Kavanaugh seems very flustered and confused, and utterly incapable of answering the questions that Senator Harris has put forward. Harris was definitely not satisfied by the stuttering and spluttering Kavanaugh response.    Not only did Senator Harris suggest that Kavanaugh is in possession of some important information that is pertinent to the Mueller case, she also expressed doubt that Kavanaugh would be forthcoming with this information. Something, or someone (Kavanaugh) is about to get cooked tomorrow.  And wouldn’t it be great if this first term African American female senator, and possible presidential candidate is the one that does the cooking.

I wonder if Kavanaugh is lying awake tonight, wondering what Kamla Harris has on him?…

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Dona Guillo
Dona Guillo

Love Kamala Harris…..she’s my hero!

True Patriot
True Patriot

And still she persisted! Hahahahaha