Kavanaugh’s murky response on abortion was the opposite of Ginsburg’s at her confirmation hearing

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Given the revelation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has expressed two conflicting views of Roe v. Wade to different audiences—it’s settled law; it’s not settled law—his pathetic performance at Wednesday’s hearing answering questions related to the 1973 ruling is easy to understand. Honesty just isn’t his gig. Check out how straightforward one of these nominees was and how much the other tiptoed around the impact of precedent without actually saying how he might rule in an abortion-related case:

That calculated mushiness couldn’t keep him from getting pinned in his seat by Sen. Kamala Harris in an exchange that had him stammering:

Perhaps, the next question that should be asked of him is: “If men could get pregnant, do you think abortion would be a sacrament?”

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