Booker releases ‘committee confidential’ Kavanaugh email at risk of suspension from the Senate

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The Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee are on a roll. And they’re taking some risks to get their points across.

That’s a nasty blow from Cornyn—and proof he’s running scared.

Sheldon Whitehouse came in hot behind Booker.

Let’s hope they keep it up today—we need it.

Well, White House has rushed in—led by Raj Shah of “I don’t talk to Raj” fame.

Booker acknowledged the threat of suspension, but the calculus has shifted now that he’s been backed by Durbin, Hirono, Whitehouse, and Klobuchar. This is big.

Update: From nuclear to supernova. Schumer’s backing the Judiciary Democrats.

This puts Susan Collins, among others, in a very tough spot.

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