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The Republican Party’s public con-show titled “The Supreme Court Hearings of Brett Kavanaugh” continues. Protestors have stood and voiced themselves throughout the Republican display of how a kangaroo court proceeding works. When Sen. Orrin Hatch came up to show Americans everywhere how a soulless vessel of bile and inhumanity can perform the actions of a normal human being, a woman stood up and began shouting protests against Brett Kavanaugh—specifically related to fears about the future of health care.

The public record on Kavanaugh in relation to health care is a dissent he wrote regarding a decision in a case on whether the court could even hear a case involving penalty payments and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a decision that could have potentially overturned an earlier Supreme Court decision in support of the ACA.

The woman protesting during Sen. Orrin Hatch’s fart-mouthed oration on the virtues of Brett Kavanaugh said that she would die without the Affordable Care Act’s provision that stipulates one cannot lose their insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Sen. Hatch could only listen to this humanity for so long before he appealed to the chair—Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Mr. Chairman, I think we should have this loudmouth removed.

That elicited some laughter from the conservative rank and file, as the uncomfortable spectacle of a scam running out in the open can lead to a lot of nervous laughter. Sen. Orrin Hatch has been a piece of shit since I was a young lad. I expected nothing different from him today.


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  1. It’s better to be a loud mouth than a GOP traitor. Especially Orin Hatch, he’s always been a POS and always will be. It’s time is coming too.

  2. The Hatch just reflects the current administration that does not care what citizens need, and are ready for Russians to help make America great again so they continue to dehumanize and divide Americans, while continuing to receive tax benefits of the rich.

  3. Of course he’s not worried about his health insurance..he’s got the very best. Just another who had his hand out for russian money to tell him how to vote….his hands are dirty to the elbows.


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