But they’re not all racists, right? PA GOP official calls NFL protesters racist slurs on Facebook.

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Terrell Jermaine Starr, writing for The Root, shows us why the rationalizations for the GOP— the party as a whole, its leadership, its officials, and its rank and file— claims that they ‘aren’t all racists’, are looking more threadbare by the day:

A Republican official in Pennsylvania was forced to resign her post on Friday after it was revealed that she’d written Facebook posts in which she referred to NFL players protesting police brutality during the national anthem as “baboons,” according to The Beaver County Times.

Carla Maloney, the Republican Committee of Beaver County’s secretary, wrote the comments on her personal Facebook page under the name Carla Belich Fueller.

Ms. Maloney, aka Ms. Belich Fuller, runs the whole gamut from disgusting to despicable with her commentary about Black people:

… here is a summary of what she said, per The Beaver County Times:

“Tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe in and that is our Flag the National Anthem and America period end of story,” she wrote. “You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there. We are all Americans not African American not Hispanic American. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN.”

Maloney then complained about “reverse racism” in America and said she was “sick of the name calling, rioting, shooting, and looting.” She predicted a civil war “soon than later.”

Further in the thread, Maloney turned her anger toward the Steelers and her racist language grew even harsher.

“Steelers are now just as bad as the rest of the over paid baboons. You respect your flag, country and our national anthem. How many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect,” she wrote. “If you want respect you need to earn it and so far you haven’t. Stop watching, or going to a game and paying for over priced food, water and tickets. Let’s see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.”

But she’s not the racist she’s being portrayed as by ‘the liberal media’:

In her resignation letter (pdf) to Kohser, Maloney said her words were “inappropriate, distasteful and insensitive” and that “those who know me know that I come from a diverse family that represents modern America.”

And we’re supposed to believe this is only time she’s voiced views like this, and only because she was caught up with the emotion she feels for the flag. Venting her feelings, as it were, on the private space of Facebook.

Remember they’re not all racists, especially the ones who appoint someone like Ms. Maloney to a formal role in the party, and all those that have heard countless comments like this, but keep supporting the party that provides safe harbor for white supremacists of all stripes, and welcomes them to the highest levels of the party and the government.

No sir, no one here but all us diversity and equality supporting GOP voters and officials here.

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