CNN / YouTube NY attorney general explains decision to...
CNN / YouTube

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  1. With a pig for it’s brand, why shouldn’t the tRump Foundation be called a personal piggy bank? P.S. Be careful with that toast meme, the Evangelicals may take it as some kind of miraculous sign from God, just like the image of the Virgin Mary appearing on a grilled cheese sandwich.

  2. It is about time that someone goes after the Trump family and their crimes. They all need to go to jail. Keep up the good work Mr. Underwood.

  3. Good work Barbara Underwood. Don the Con needs to be taken down and held accountable for his crimes. He has gotten away with cheating people too long. He is a disgusting human being.

  4. I think Schneiderman was compromised by Trump anyway. I am sure his demise was due to some Trump intervention. Thank god they got a woman who isn’t on the Trump take.


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