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Are the people starting to wake up?

Trump’s disapproval is the highest that it has ever been.  93% of Democrats, 59% of independents, and 22% of Republicans disapprove of this president.  His support among women is low, his support among people of color is low.  49% of Americans support impeachment, and 66% of Americans do not want him to pardon Paul Manafort. 63% of Americans support the Mueller investigation and a majority of Americans want Jeff Sessions to stay at his job.  These are devastating numbers, and they will continue to fall as we approach the midterm season.

And this is not an outlier poll.  Recently, polls from Suffolk, Reuters, an AP show him hovering in between 38 to 40%.  This Washington Post Poll in indicative of a trend, one that should frighten Trump and the republican party.

Think about this.  Bush was at 38% approval when he lost the house and Senate in 2006. We may get impeachment after all.

This numbers reinforce a salient question:  Why are democrats in the Senate rushing to approve Trump’s judges?…

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  1. I am surprised that his disapproval ratings aren’t lower still. He is a total disgrace to this country. I hope he gets what he deserves. He needs to be put behind bars and pay for all his crimes.


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